Install Mono 2.8 or 2.10 parallel environment on Ubuntu

I have updated by popular 2.6/2.8 script to support mono 2.10. Get it while it’s hot!

Usage: [-v version] [-p prefix] [-m gitmodules] [-i] [-s] [-t]

Command line options

  -v   specify version of mono

  -p   specify prefix to install

  -m   specify git modules to build [ libgdiplus llvm mono gtk-sharp xsp mod_mono mono-basic
       mono-addins gtkmozembed-sharp webkit-sharp gluezilla gnome-sharp gnome-desktop-sharp
       mono-tools debugger monodevelop]

  -i   Interactive mode, pause between each modules make and make install. Allows skipping of modules

  -u   Do not update source code, just build

  -b   Do not build, just update source code

  -c   Clean git before building

Example -v 2.6 -p ~/mono -m libgdiplus mono gtk-sharp mono-tools